Mobilend BBB Business Review


Escrow account maintenance fee.  We don’t charge our customers with account maintenance or escrow service fees. Your loan proceeds will be paid directly from your escrow account to your creditors in a safe and speedy manner.

from 5.99%

Interest Rate. Our debt consolidation loan helps our customers to get ahead in life. We pay off our customers creditors directly to help our customers save.


Consultation. Give us a call to see if you qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Our financial product pays creditors director so you can truly benefit from savings.


Application Fee. Our staff works with you and your creditors in the utmost professional manner. Let our hard work translate into savings for you today.   


No transaction fee. Sometimes the pay off transactions are complicated, but let us help on the complexity and pass the savings to you. We don’t charge our customers any transaction fees.


Managed account fee. We don’t charge our clients any account management fees. We provide a world class client portal. It’s absolutely free to use.

Simple and Flexible Plans

Our payment plans are simple and straightforward. We have plans ranging from 12, 36 or 60 months.

Conservative Plan

Take a longer period to pay off your high rate debt with a longer term debt consolidation loan. The goal of this plan is to keep your payment low and to give you an opportunity to start saving today.

60 months to pay off

Dynamic Plan

If you have $10,000+ in credit card debt, we can quickly convert that into a simple interest debt consolidation loan. You can pay off a revolving credit card balance with our plan.

Starting at 5.99% interest

Individual Plan

You can enjoy many of our other financial products. Call us and we can work with you to select the finance product to place you on a path to be debt free.

Flexible payment terms

Our New Lending Platform

Award winning mobile platform lets you easily manage your finances and apply to get savings anywhere in minutes.

Start Saving in No Time

It takes only few minutes to speak to one of our knowledgeable consumer advocate, your path to great savings is just a few minutes away. It is that easy!

We Are Available In Many States 

We are based in Irvine, California proudly service consumers from 9 states including: California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida. More States are coming soon. Please stay tuned.

Call us today at (866) 330-1669