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Mobilend.com is a personal finance company that offers true debt consolidation loans. Loan proceeds are paid directly to creditors so our clients will get immediate relief and savings from their monthly payment.

Mobilend.com’s personal loan is offered to everyone. Anyone can apply and talk to one of our customer advocates here in Irvine, California. Our typical customers have 3+ high rate credit cards and a few personal loans. If our product fit our client’s need, they can typically experience relief within 30 days.

Mobilend.com offer a customized personal loan that fits our client’s unique situation. Our loan sizes are typically between $5,000 to $25,000 with APR ranging from 5.99% to 36% APR. Our clients can pay off these simple interest installment loans within 1 to 5 years.

Mobilend.com currently operates within 9 states: California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida. We are expanding to more State every month, be sure to check back soon.

Mobilend.com will do our best to reduce our client’s monthly financial obligations. However, in certain situations we can’t not offer a lower monthly payment to our clients.

Mobilend.com uses state of the art underwriting technology to get a complete diagnostic of our client’s financial situation. Our underwriting policy will approve clients base on their current financial situation, income and financial hardship. Not everyone will be approved but we are happy to help anyone that’s in need.

Mobilend.com’s staff will work with you to identify the debt you would like pay off. Underwriting decisions can be made in a few minutes. We also have technology that will enable us to expedite the pay off process. Allow us up to 30 days to fully pay off your debt obligation.

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